Ultra low latency

Delays cost time, money and your patience. Don’t settle for second best when you could have the number one server.

Lightning-fast speed

no matter where you are in the world

Premium performance

servers with sensible pricing and no hidden costs, we have a good server for you.

Fast, Easy and Secure

Servers maintained by world-class engineers to ensure we give you and your customers optimal website experience.

About Us

We began as a team of engineers determined to build reliable and robust servers, initially for our own use. Our passion for hardware soon spawned a fast growing business providing technology and infrastructure for tens of thousands of clients across the globe. Our growth is organic and a result of our company’s determination to offer the fastest, most reliable and robust servers possible. Each year our team of technicians and engineers expands across the globe with our valued clients.

Performance More Than Powerful.

High-quality network, strong performance, professional technical and customer service teams, DDoS protection and a variety of authorized protection certification ensure the safe operation of your cloud instances.

  • 01 Cyber Security Protection

    All of our services have a front firewall which allows you to customize the ACL rules to protect you from common attacks. Log in with Cloud-init and private keys to provide you with a secure operating environment.

  • We have our own DDoS Mitigation Cluster in all our datacenter; it provides instantly detour to filter the abnormal traffic. We have enough bandwidth to provides you with all-around protection.

  • We are using the Intel Datacenter SSD and high-performance AMD EPYC Processors; Ceph is deployed in all our data centers, ready to protect your data.

Powerful Cloud Instance

We have powerful, easy to use, and affordable cloud solutions around the world. The use of the Internet has never been so simple. Go start now!

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No. 106, Fengyang East Road, Nansha District, Guangzhou (self-compiled building 1) X1301-H012855